Thank You Google, Saya Bisa Ngeblog Lagi

Trimakasih google, akhirnya aku bisa login lagi, :PPPPP

Kemarin saya sudah kirim email dan mungkin memang makan waktu agak lama, tapi akhirnya ditindaklanjuti juga oleh Om Google, akhirnya sekarang bisa login lagi.

Isi balasan email dari Google :

Dear Google Accounts user,

Thank you for submitting a request to recover your Google Account. Your report is being reviewed and you’ll receive a reply when we have finished reviewing the information you provided.

In the meantime, try these common troubleshooting fixes:

1) If you're having trouble signing in to web-based Google Services, such as Gmail or Calendar, because you can’t get a verification code on your primary phone, try using your backup options.

Backup phone:

Backup codes:

2) If you're having trouble accessing an application on your mobile device like Gmail, or email clients such as Outlook and Thunderbird, you might need to sign in to them using an application-specific password. Here’s how:

The Google Account Recovery Team

Masalahnya karena saya mengaktifkan 2 Step Verification untuk login, nah untuk verifikasinya khan menggunakan no handphone saya. Tapi karena kemarin kecopetan dan nomornya expired pula, alamak nggak bisa login lagi, karena gagal di verifikasi.

Tapi untungnya masih bisa direcovery lagi, Om Google kau sungguh pengertian :)
Thank You Google.

Akhirnya bisa ngeblog lagi, salam buat penggemar maya semuanya.


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