Shoutmix Sudah Tidak Gratis Lagi

Saya membaca pengumuman yang dibuat oleh shoutmix bila pada awal januari 2012 layanan gratis shoutmix sudah tidak gratis lagi alias berbayar.

So where do we go from here?

I have two choices. One, allow ShoutMix to become unsustainable. This is bad news for everyone. The other choice is to stop our free service. It is becoming obvious that this is where ShoutMix should go. And so, ShoutMix is not going to be free any more.

Existing users will be able to continue using their accounts at no cost right now. The transition will begin within a few weeks. Eventually, users with free accounts will need to switch to a paying plan or stop using the service. The date is set at January 1, 2012. After this date, free accounts will stop working unless upgraded to a paid plan.

The good news is that ShoutMix will be available for only $0.99/month and will be available effective immediately. For our old version (the Classic) it will only be available in Premium package which costs approximately $1.67/month.

Existing customers are unaffected by all these changes. In fact, ShoutMix is going to be really awesome for our current and future customers. Our focus will be to make paying customers extremely happy and they will get 100% of our resources. If you are one of our customers, things are just going to get a lot better for you.

ShoutMix has always been a product with great passion. It is just unfortunate that it did not work out as a free product. We all have to move on. And ShoutMix will continue to be the most affordable, high quality and premium live chat software that everyone can use and love.

Jika anda belum tahu ataupun shoutmix anda tidak bisa dipakai karena belum bayar, bisa mengupgrade accountnya. Lebih lanjut baca suratdari shoutmix di
Untuk alternatif shoutbox gratis yang lain bisa dicari di google dengan keyword "free shoutbox".

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